Implementations are not simple.

They typically involve a fairly drastic organizational change with the organizational learning curve and pockets of resistance that come with it. They involve learning a new technology, making it fit in the larger IT applications “ecosystem”, and configuring it to your needs. They involve making tough trade-offs between tactical and strategic PPM objectives, forming a PPM core team of different IT professions, and establishing processes and operating procedures. We broadly classify these challenges into two categories:

How can we help you?

Organizational change management barriers, system configuration errors, incompatible infrastructure, absent or inadequate implementation roadmaps, improper support and governance models, and more. Whether a new or old PPM customer, we assess your implementation status against its objectives using a rich “tool box” of proven software utilities, questionnaires, and structured processes. We touch on every aspect of your implementation— ranging from infrastructure, configuration, organizational readiness, implementation roadmap, support processes, PPM development practices, etc. With this comprehensive and accurate picture, we tailor targeted and intelligent solutions while relying on well-proven leading practices and years of domain experience.

Unsatisfied customer requirements that are misaligned with the focus and direction of the core OpenText PPM product.

Our team consists of former HP PPM R&D resources and top-caliber technical consultants. This caliber of resources allows us to offer a set of high-demand proprietary product add-ons at comparable quality to the core PPM product and well-above-and-beyond the quality of typical “consulting solutions”. If none of our existing add-ons suits your needs, we’ll we can scope out, design, and implement a state-of-the-art, customer-specific solution for you.

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