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Why care about AMM?

You have purchased PPM product licenses, acquired hardware, configured the product, trained your users, and managed organizational change with a clear objective in mind: full adoption of the tool and enhanced PPM maturity. But how can you proactively manage the adoption and maturity of PPM and ensure data quality in an accurate, comprehensive, and agile way? The Adoption and Maturity Management (AMM) Add-on from PPMetrics addresses this strategic challenge head-on.

Key Features

Monitor usage, PPM maturity and data quality
Set individual targets for usage and maturity and monitor specific user and entity groups
Manage license allocation and assignment
Receive configurable, exception-triggered usage alerts
Easy integration with business intelligence tools
Answer 100’s of different business questions without any coding

What is Monitored?

Adoption Metrics

  • Indicators of system usage
  • Transactions performed by the system users on PPM system entities
  • 23 user transactions are currently monitored by the add-on

Maturity Metrics

  • Indicators of organizational PPM maturity
  • Derived from the OpenText PPM maturity model and other industry/academic sources
  • 65 maturity metrics are currently tracked by the add-on across four entity types

Data Quality Metrics

  • Indicators of data consistency, validity. timeliness, and completeness
  • Over 40 data quality rules are currently included with the add-on
  • Customers may create their own rules that are processed and reported by the add-on

Who Should Care About AMM Monitoring?

Application Owner
  • Has the system been configured according to OpenText’s leading practices and the OOTB functionality?
  • Are some IT groups exceeding their allotted license allocations? Which ones?
  • How has an application change influenced the usage?
  • Is the application support model aligned with the actual usage and the application configuration?
IT Executives
  • Is the organization using the tool?
  • Do my direct reports utilize the system to enhance the quality of their decisions?
  • Do we really have reliable data for making key business decisions?
  • Is the enterprise deployment progressing as planned?
  • Has the PPM maturity of the IT organization been enhanced over time?
  • What would be reasonable PPM adoption & maturity goals for the next year?
  • Which users or groups need additional PM mentoring and support?
  • Is the organization ready for more advanced PM functionality?

What Are the Benefits of AMM Monitoring?

Boost User Adoption
User adoption has traditionally been a challenging aspect of PPM system implementations, given the organizational shift it requires and the new deep visibility it provides into IT initiatives and the status of employees’ work. With AMM, your organization can gain an accurate and comprehensive picture of the system’s usage. You can define advanced expected usage levels and monitor against them, to identify generic or specific user adoption problems and address them.
Enhance Data Quality
An information system is only as good as the quality of data it captures. This is particularly true for strategic systems, such as PPM, which is used to evaluate large IT investments and derive key performance metrics of the IT organization as a whole. With AMM’s data quality functionality, organizations can verify the timeliness, comprehensiveness, consistency, and validity of its data through a combination of generic and customer-specific data quality rules. With this new information in hand, IT managers can 1) discern whether they can rely on the information presented to them 2) identify and address specific or general data quality issues, and 3) ensure that the whole organization can trust data from HP PPM.
Ascend the PPM Maturity Model
PPM Maturity and effective IT governance have been proven to correlate strongly with an organization’s business results. The HP PPM tool provides functionality that enables organizations to climb the PPM maturity model, while utilizing well proven industry best practices. Through the use of AMM’s PPM maturity functionality, organizations can ensure that they are fully utilizing HP PPM’s entire feature set. They can collect hard data about their current PPM maturity status, determine realistic maturity growth plans, and monitor the actual results vs. plan.
Optimize PPM Training and Support
The size and focus of information system support organizations should correlate strongly with the usage patterns of the tool. Through the use of AMM’s advanced system utilization visualizations, customers can adjust their PPM support structure to meet actual system usage and identify groups of users that require additional training or support.
Manage Licenses Effectively
Using AMM’s license management functionality, you can ensure that your valuable HP PPM licenses are being utilized most effectively. You can allocate licenses to different groups, monitor the actual license assignments against these allocations, monitor actual system usage by license owners, and be automatically alerted when the number of available licenses—at the group or system level—is running short.

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