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How much does PPMetrics know about PPM? Actually, we proudly provide consulting to OpenText’ education department itself.

We understand that the most effective learning occurs when the material includes real-life examples that the learners can connect with their own experiences and bodies of knowledge. This premise, supported by multiple learning theories, is the guiding principle of our educational offerings.


All our OpenText-certified trainers have worked as PPM consultants for years, in contrast to most PPM trainers in the industry, who lack essential field experience. Therefore, our trainers know how to prioritize the learning topics based on their actual applicability and value. They always include real-world examples and can answer questions related to specific scenarios that the trainees have encountered.


OpenText PPM, and the PM/PPM knowledge domains in general, are broad and manifest themselves differently in different organizations. Therefore, trainees often find many of the topics covered in “standard” PPM trainings redundant and distracting.

Upon request, we offer custom training based on a thorough understanding of an organization’s specific implementation and the characteristics of their trainees. Even while delivering standard training, we seek ways of customizing it based on the needs of the class to significantly enhance overall value.

Educational Services


Customized PPM mentoring based on your PPM environment, while utilizing your applications, and dealing with your real-world challenges

Custom Courses

Customized PPM courseware delivered onsite or virtually

Standard Courses

Private onsite or virtual training for standard OpenText-offered PPM courses

Get your teams up to speed with our educational offerings.