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What is Emoveo for Oracle EBS?

A simple and modern application that takes the deployment hassle out of a complex enterprise system. Quickly replace your existing methods of migrating Oracle EBS code with a standardized and robust solution without affecting end user machines or purchasing hardware. Designed and architected by members of the original Kintana (Mercury/HP) team.

Key Features

Simple and intuitive
R11 & R12 compatible
Built in integrations with source control
Auditable & SOX Compliant
Supports concurrent migrations for speed
Web-based and agentless

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Emoveo?
Emoveo is a web-based deployment application designed with the core function of deploying Oracle EBS code.  It is agentless, SOX compliant, and entirely auditable.  Emoveo is highly configurable and can be easily designed to migrate any application with command line based deployment such as Qlikview, Demantra, Rapid Response, and Oracle utilities.
Is there anything else I need to install to use?
No, it is a web application that runs on all major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox).
How does it work?
Using configured environment definitions and workflows, Emoveo will move various objects types (AOL, SQL, Java, etc.) from instance to instance based on a set of built-in commands or customer configured commands.
What comes built in?
Emoveo has all of Oracle EBS’s AOL and SQL object types already built-in along with integrations to most major version control systems. Also built-in are a set of pre-configured standard and emergency workflows.

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