What is Simple PPM Orchestration Tool (SPOT)?

Recognizing the benefits of integrating external systems with PPM is straightforward. Creating said integrations is another story.

The usual methods such as custom scripts are risky and custom web service solutions require a high level of effort and expertise. On the other hand, third party integration tools are typically expensive, require time to learn and do not possess PPM specific knowledge.

SPOT overcomes all these challenges by providing a quick and simple method to create almost any type of bi-directional PPM integration with no coding required. Simply use the tool’s powerful and familiar Excel UI to configure your integrations then invoke them through Excel itself or on a scheduled basis through fully automated methods.

Key Features


Supports data load to and from all PPM objects, e.g. Financial Summaries, Staffing Profiles, Users

Integrate PPM data with external applications or data sources such as JIRA, Service Now, SQL, flat files, XML, etc.

Picks up PPM configuration automatically, e.g. custom fields

Simple to create and edit integrations using Excel’s familiar and powerful UI

Supports user-defined mappings

Micro Focus APIs are leveraged and all updates are audited

Data loads can be run ad-hoc or scheduled

Allows for simulation of data loads

Product Demos

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SPOT unique?

SPOT is the first and only tool for rapid creation of robust PPM integrations

What types of data sources can SPOT work with?

SPOT support most common applications and data sources including:

  • JIRA
  • Service Now
  • Smartsheet
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • XML
What PPM objects can SPOT work with?
  • Financial Summaries
  • Org Units
  • Portfolios
  • Programs
  • Projects
  • Requests
  • Resource Pools
  • Staffing Profiles
  • Time Sheets
  • Users
  • Validations
How "simple" is it set up and use?

SPOT can be installed in one hour or less. As an administrator, simply download and use the provided Excel file to configure your integration(s) using drop downs and buttons. Then, invoke it either from Excel itself or in a fully automated mode through an OS job or PPM report

Our PPM has lots of custom fields. Does SPOT know how to work with them?

Not only does SPOT know how to work with them, but it will also automatically pick up their configuration and allow you to quickly map them to your external source.

But are these integrations robust?

Yes. First, SPOT makes all PPM updates using supported Micro Focus connectors. Second, SPOT contains detailed auditing, logging, and error handling mechanisms.

Robust integration in minutes.