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Oracle EBS Accelerator

While most organizations are upgrading from EBS R11 to R12, moving on to using Oracle’s FND Load as a deployment standard, and shifting away from DB Links, many Kintana users are still tied down by the Object Migrator and its limitations. Our unique accelerator will completely eliminate the need for the Object Migrator, re-configure all your existing AOL objects to instead use FND Load, simplify your existing workflows, and integrate your source control systems to Kintana.  The resulting changes will drastically reduce deployment times, reduce maintenance, and improve the productivity of the development and release teams

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Service Offerings

We are the seasoned veterans of the Kintana world. Armed with years of development and implementation experience, first-hand interaction with dozens of the world’s largest Oracle EBS customers, and deep domain knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to quickly and effectively give Kintana implementations a much-needed lift. Whether it is an upgrade project, advanced configuration work, or integration with an external system, our consultants have “been there, done that” and bring with them access to our internal repository of best practice configurations, documentation, and implementation methodologies.


Accelerator Benefits

Versions Compatibility: R12 upgrade support
Increased Productivity and Integration with source control
Increased Security
Standarized deployment API’s
Adoption of industry standards: Elimination of the Object Migrator
Less production downtime.
Quicker and simpler deployment Workflows
Less software & hardware costs.

Product Demos

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for all versions of Kintana?
Yes, as long as it is being used for Oracle EBS deployments, this solution will work for all versions of Kintana.
Are there any additional hardware or software requirements?
No, this will leverage the existing Kintana software and hardware already in place and will not require anything additional.
Will this change the current workflows and processes in place?
No, unless a change to the process is desired. This accelerator will primarily change the underlying AOL object types and will not affect the current workflows and processes already in place.
Will additional training be required?
If your organization is already familiar with the FND load commands then no additional training will be required.
Will this impact future upgrades of Kintana?
No, the accelerator is a configuration change with no customizations.  It will not affect your ability to upgrade Kintana

Modernize and optimize your Kintana EBS deployment implementation.