What is Excel Interface (XLI)?

Editing and reporting of PPM data is typically a tedious and error-prone process. Using the Excel Interface (XLI) for OpenText PPM you can now load PPM financial summary, staffing profile, resource pool, request data, and work plans into Excel and then use its familiar spreadsheet interface and advanced capabilities to quickly and accurately update the information. You can also create Excel-based PPM reports and format/analyze them to your specific needs. Furthermore, Excel and XLI have the native ability to integrate with most systems and data sources, which increases efficiency and improves data quality.

How has Excel Interface (XLI) helped our customers?

PPM customers in Europe, Australia, and North America, big or small, are rapidly adopting the Excel Interface (XLI) solution for immediate productivity and data quality gains. They quickly see the PPM data becoming more reliable and their stakeholders can spend more time on higher value activities than data entry. Learn how the solution has enabled one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies to become more productive managing their global project portfolio.

Key Features

Retrieve, create, and update individual or multiple PPM entities: staffing profiles, financial summaries, resource pools, requests, and work plans
Support for field attributes including required fields, request type rules, drop downs, and security settings
Create Excel-based PPM reports accessible through the XLI environment
Leverage Excel’s advanced formulas and functions
Work on PPM data offline
Integrate PPM data with external data sources
Automatically synchronize lookup (validation) values between PPM and Excel
Support for advanced business logic, e.g., apply custom hourly rate cards

Product Demos

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using the XLI?
  • Increase productivity by enabling users to work on PPM data offline and use Excel’s UI and capabilities
  • Integrate PPM data with external data sources and tie-in detailed FM calculations, such as POs and invoices
  • Increase PPM data quality through Excel formulas, functions, and data validations
  • Improve decision making: use the powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities of Excel
Is there anything I need to install to use?
As an end user, there is nothing to install or configure on the client side —simply download and use
What versions of PPM and Excel do you support?

XLI is compatible with MS Excel 20xx and OpenText PPM 9.x

How does it actually work?

XLI uses OpenText-supported web services (API) for safe and efficient data exchange. There are zero customizations to OpenText code base so patches and upgrades are unchanged.

Do you have any customer case studies?
Yes, please refer to our Insights page here.

Stop managing PPM data the hard way.