What is ServiceNow Connector?

ServiceNow is a popular platform for a variety of IT management areas. Throughout the last few years, customers have been asking us whether there is a connector between PPM and ServiceNow, and if not, whether we could build one for them. Instead of creating custom one-off solutions to handle specific customer scenarios, we have created a generic software add-on to handle the growing number of use cases. This tool allows customers to benefit from a highly configurable, flexible, and robust solution that addresses their requirements spot-on, and can be deployed in less than a day.

Key Features


Bi-Directional Exchange of Data


Flexible Scheduling of Data Transfer

Synchronization of any PPM Data

Unlimited User-Defined Data Mappings

Integration with Multiple ServiceNow Sites

Uses Standard Vendor Supported APIs for Updates

Product Demos

What are some typical implementation scenarios?

The ServiceNow Connector leverages the specific strengths of both PPM and ServiceNow to help you achieve unparalleled business value from your investments.

PPM serves as the organizational demand repository:

Demand requests created in PPM can be automatically exported to ServiceNow tables, e.g. Agile Story, Enhancement, Defect, etc.

PPM serves as the main repository of project-related information:

PPM is used for strategic decision-making and project management. ServiceNow users create items, e.g. issues or risks that need to be viewed, against a project or alongside with other projects in the IT portfolio. ServiceNow automatically populates PPM, as the hub of project information.

PPM is the system of record for time management:

ServiceNow items that require time to be tracked can be automatically exported to PPM where they can then be added to user time sheets.

Strong automation and workflow tracking are required:

For items that may require strong workflow tracking and governance, ServiceNow items may be exported into PPM whose strong suit is process automation. For example, ServiceNow ideas may be brought into PPM as proposals for robust vetting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the SNC?
  • Eliminate process redundancies
  • Reduce data maintenance effort
  • Selectively make certain data available to different audiences
  • Create seamless process integrating standards from both systems
  • Flexibly determine the UI of choice for various IT areas
What versions of PPM and ServiceNow do you support?

SNC is supported on HP PPM 9.x and Helsinki, Istanbul and Jarkarta ServiceNow releases.

How does the installation work?

All SNC code is installed on the PPM application server and database. Nothing is required to be installed on the ServiceNow application.

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