Excel Interface (XLI) Micro Focus SaaS Sales Support

Sales support: xli_mf_sales@ppmetrics.com

The (XLI) for Micro Focus PPM drives business value through its ability to increase productivity for all users of PPM. It leverages the familiar spreadsheet interface and has advanced capabilities to provide comprehensive support of all the key transactions in PPM. Furthermore, XLI has the ability to integrate with most systems and data sources, increasing efficiency and improving data quality.

Elevator Pitch

Most everybody loves the simple and familiar. Excel spreadsheets are a prime example of that, as most people know and like the UI for working with various types of data. When it comes to PPM, it has very specific types of data and most of it is organized in tables, e.g. project financial information, resource information, etc. All this tabular information lends itself well to be managed in Excel.

That said, the Excel Interface, or XLI, is a mature PPM add-on, used by many of the top PPM customers worldwide, providing an alternative UI for managing data across all modules. It has shown to significantly enhance user productivity, data quality, and integrations with external data sources.

XLI implementations are simple, quick, and with an excellent track record. 

Useful Links

Product Page

Main product page which contains the datasheet and video demonstrations of its capabilities.

Customer Case Studies

Insights page which contains case studies to all our products.


Administration, configuration and general user guides for the solution can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS Agreement

Why was the alliance created?

Micro Focus has been aware of the XLI track record among PPM Customers, including their SaaS customers, as a tool able to increase customer satisfaction from PPM and therefore strengthen stickiness. Furthermore, according to this alliance, Micro Focus is compensated for every XLI transaction closed by its reps.  

How do the XLI implementations work?

SaaS resources, many of whom very familiar with the XLI by now, are in charge of the tool installation in the different environments (about 2 hours per environment), as well as migrations of configurations. PPMetrics is available to support those efforts, if need be. 

Other elements of the implementation, such as training and tool configuration, are entirely the responsibility of PPMetrics.


How does XLI support work?

The way it has been working, even before the alliance was formed, is as follows:

Micro Focus is in charge of infrastructure and admin related activities, such as application restarts and configuration migrations.

PPMetrics is in charge of supporting the functionality of the solution.


How does the interaction between Micro Focus and PPMetrics work? Both business and tech

Generally speaking, Micro Focus and PPMetrics have been working together for years and maintain a good business relationship, at different levels.

More specifically, for XLI sales related inquires, please email xli_mf_sales@ppmetrics.com and for XLI technical support email support@ppmetrics.com



What are the benefits of using the XLI?
  • Increase productivity by enabling users to work on PPM data offline and use Excel’s UI and capabilities
  • Integrate PPM data with external data sources and tie-in detailed FM calculations, such as POs and invoices
  • Increase PPM data quality through Excel formulas, functions, and data validations
  • Improve decision making: use the powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities of Excel
Is there anything I need to install to use?
As an end user, there is nothing to install or configure on the client side —simply download and use
What versions of PPM and Excel do you support?
XLI is compatible with MS Excel 20xx and Micro Focus PPM 9.x
How does it actually work?
XLI uses Micro Focus-supported web services (API) for safe and efficient data exchange. There are zero customizations to Micro Focus code base so patches and upgrades are unchanged.
Do you have any customer case studies?
Yes, please refer to our Insights page here.